I seem to neglect ‘The Reiki Rocker’ while pursuing my music career. I get caught up in the busyness… yes, busyness, almost the same as business but a bit more scattered with no income. That was a joke… of sorts. So why do I do it? First, let me give you a little background and then I’ll get to the… Read more →

Happy Holidays!

Whatever you celebrate, and however you celebrate it, the most important part of the holiday season is this; it is mean’t to bring us together. Back in WWI (1914) battle actually stopped on Christmas Day, where a truce was made by the troops in their trenches. They bravely climbed out to greet each other. History talks about them getting back… Read more →

Give it away

When I first starting studying energy work, one of the first things I studied was the Yin and the Yang. I had seen the symbols many times and had a good amount of knowledge of it, but what I didn’t know was its relationship to the flow. The way energy works is a flowing motion, you can’t receive energy completely without giving it away.… Read more →

Anger is an Energy

John Lydon (Johnny Rotten) wrote that headline above. It’s from the song ‘Rise‘ (Not to be confused with our song ‘Rise‘) and his band Public Image Limited. He wrote the song about apartheid in South Africa and the torture method’s used by the Northern Irish RUC. In the song he sings, “Anger is an Energy”. Although, I’m not here to talk… Read more →

Who cares Anyway?

Why do we do what we do in this world? Do we do things to make other people happy, do we do things to make ourselves happy, or is it a combination of both? I believe that we need a combination of both, a balance. You go too far one way, (making other people happy), and you end up losing your true self, becoming… Read more →

I’m in Hell

 “Hell happens when the evil of the world exceeds our belief that we can conquer it.” – Divinci’s Demons   This might be the first time that I’ve taken a quote from a TV series, but it had such an impact on me when I heard it, I had to write it down. I’m sure you know somebody that says,… Read more →